The Eau de Minceur PRENDS-MOI incarnates a genuine fragrance of pleasure…


Inspired by the Benguela stream at the origin of the very special vegetation of the Fynbos, the scrub-land of western South Africa, PRENDS-MOI caresses the skin like rushing water delivering aquatic, fruity and floral scents from a fantasy Garden of Eden…


A sparkling marriage that gives this first Eau de Minceur all the virtues of a natural and luminous fragrance.


With a low alcohol content, PRENDS-MOI is perfect for those who love summer all year long! 

With PRENDS-MOI, VELD'S has signed an original and playful perfume-gesture, delightfully associated with every woman’s desire to sculpt her silhouette naturally… A “pleasure fragrance” to be used without moderation!







Developped at the illustrious French perfume house Robertet, founded in the city of Grasse in 1850, the composition of PRENDS-MOI reflects the passionate work of those who love the quality of “real” products.


Created from the most beautiful and natural raw materials, PRENDS-MOI reveals itself as a warm balance that pays a handsome tribute to the traditional art of fine perfumery.

Created as a genuine combination of neurocosmetic and olfactotherapy, PRENDS-MOI links the pleasure of a true fragrance to the beauty of your sihouette, pleasure to the eyes.


PRENDS-MOI is a revolutionary “association” between a delicious natural french fragrance formula and an innovative cosmetic complex responsible for the slimming effect.


PRENDS-MOI contains an exclusive complex of active neurocosmetic ingredients including Betaphroline. This complex triggers the release of Beta-endorphins at the skin’s keratinocytes’ level, allowing the transmission of the slimming « message » from one neuron to the next.


Upon contact with the skin (precisely with the skin’s keratinocytes), the Betaphroline contained in the PRENDS-MOI fragrance formula releases
Beta-endorphins which modulate specific enzymatic processes.

A chain-reaction is set in motion which sends these Beta-endorphins (also called « pleasure hormones ») to the olfactory brain, resulting in an immediately perceptible sensation of well-being and decreased stress-levels.


Pleasurable feelings will override and replace a certain number of our compulsive eating behaviours.


In addition, a spray on local areas allows Betaphroline to work more effectively on two specific enzymes who are key to the process of fat-breakdown.


This three-level slimming approach is the starting point for an ongoing positive action to your silhouette.





In the morning, simply spray PRENDS-MOI with the same gesture you would use for an "eau de toilette".


To benefit from its lipolytic action, you may spray once in the morning and once in the evening on the specific areas that you wish to slim.


Every time that you feel the need to nibble something although you are not really hungry, don’t hesitate to quickly spray on PRENDS-MOI and nestle yourself in its delicious wave.

- TOP NOTES: Lively accents of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, are placed in a deliciously fresh ambience.


- MIDDLE NOTES: A flight of floral scents where jasmine responds to ylang-ylang and freshly picked lilac. 


- BASE NOTES: Musk and vanilla with patchouli and the woodsy intensity of sandalwood.


- BETAPHROLINE: The Betaphroline is able to stimulate (by 170%) the production of beta-endorphins on the skin level (keratinocytes), just by being sprayed on the skin, producing a chain-reaction through theneuro-transmitters up the olfactory brain, which reacts very quickly in return with all over general sensations  of well-being (+ 40%) and reduced stress (-35%). 

These pleasurable feelings are able to reduce compulsive eating behaviour, which are most of the time caused by anxiety and stress, and not by real hunger (e.g. chocolate, cake, junk-food…)


- CAFFEINE: The best known and most effective ingredient for the time being for all slimming and anti-cellulite products in the market.

Promotes the fat breakdown by activating the cell metabolism and by inhibiting the production of new fat building enzymes.


- CARNITINE: Naturally present in our body, an additional quantity of Carnitine helps to accelerate the transport of fatty acids.


- SPIRULINA ALGAE extract: Rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins, this extract has firming and restructuring properties.


- SOY ISOFLAVONE: This active ingredient inhibits the formation of new adipocytes, and stimulates the production of collagen, improving visibly the skin quality. 

Do not hesitate to spray some PRENDS-MOI as soon as you feel the need for snacking.

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    Dry skin, wrinkles, lack of elasticity… there are a thousand signs of aging attacking the beauty of your face.

    It is hard to fight them without turning to injections or other more extreme cosmetic procedures.


    After three years of research, VELD'S has found the complete answer your skin has been waiting for.

    An extremely concentrated formula that boosts all the elements responsible for your skin’s youthfulness, a "surgical strike" against time.


    AGE KILLER spectacularly corrects and slows down all the signs of aging. 

    AGE KILLER prevents and repairs the damage caused by age, in particular wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone, and sagging of the skin.



    AGE KILLER is a genuine anti-aging “electroshock” for the cells, they are awakened by a continuous current of youthfulness going through them.

    In just 28 days, the skin recovers elasticity and tone.

    Stimulated in depth, the skin is energized, facial contours are firmer and redefined.


    The secret weapon, for drop-dead gorgeous skin...


    Because a beautiful complexion requires both in-depth treatment action and an instant “soft focus” action, VELD'S has created the first total skin-perfecting care, FATAL BEAUTY, which caresses the skin from the moment of application, acting both on the texture of the skin and the appearance of the complexion.


    Day after day, thanks to this new-generation skin-enhancing product, you improve the texture and smoothness of the skin to even out the quality of the complexion: blemishes disappear!


    A flawless complexion and skin that is incomparably smooth and even: this is the promise of FATAL BEAUTY anti-blemish care from VELD’S.


    PURE PULP has incredible hydrating and soothing properties, ideal for daily use and for those emergency situations such as dehydration, sunburn, irritated skin, and breakouts.


    PURE PULP acts like magnets at the skin’s surface, capturing the insensible water loss.

    The result is a skin that is literally filled out and plumped. That’s why PURE PULP is a revolutionary hydrating and plumping skincare.


    Every woman dreams of the ideal product that will transform her skin in an instant - that will plump her skin and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. That’s exactly what PURE PULP with ALOE FEROX does.


    Immediate results - whatever your age or your skincare routine.


    PURE PULP exists in two versions for normal skins and dry skins.

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